Curriculum Vitae


o   Bachelor Communications and Journalism (1988)

o   Post Graduate Diploma Community Health for Developing Countries (2008)

o   Community Based Socio Therapy (2009)

o   Master Africa Studies (2015)


I started to work in 1988. Since 1992 I have my own company as Freelance International Communication/Media Consultant.

Work experience


Internal and External Communication Strategies and Implementation.


Copy/Speech and Ghost Writer. Editor and Author.


Press Officer, Spokeswoman, Media Trainer, Journalist.


o  External Communication for Vitens Evides International in Beira, Mozambique (2013).

o  External Communication Strategy and Workshop communication for SNV Mozambique, Maputo (2012).

o  Coordinator of Dutch fundraising campaign for HIV/AIDS programme in Mozambique for UNICEF Netherlands.     (2006)

o  Research and identification of women and interviews for a book and exhibition of BESA Bank in Luanda and     World Press Photo. (2010)

o  Development and Implementation of Internal and External Communication Strategy for international NGO Women     for Water Partnership. (2008)

o  Advisor for, among others, Unilever, the Mayor and Aldermen of the Municipality of Rotterdam. And many     departments of the Municipality of Rotterdam: The Public Health Service, the Department of Urban Planning and     Housing, the Development Cooperation, the Municipal Waste Management, the Fire Brigade.(1992-1998)


o  Spokeswoman and Press Officer Africa of the Dutch Minister of Development Coordination, Mrs. Van

o  Media Trainer of the Director and the Press Officer of CFM, Beira, Mozambique (1999).

o  Organiser of Press Conferences of, among others, Maersk in Beira, Mozambique (1999) and Vitens Evides

International in Nampula, Mozambique (2013).

o  Organiser/trainer Workshop Journalism for 2 NGO´s in Luanda. (2010)

o  Media Trainer of the Executive Director and Managers of the Rotterdam Municipal Port Management (1988-1992)

o  Press Officer of Executive Director and Managers of Rotterdam Municipal Port Management (1988-1992)

o  Organiser and Media Trainer of Workshop Journalism for 10 young people in Nairobi.(2007)

o  Journalist at a newspaper, a national Press Bureau and, as a freelancer, for magazines. (1986-2012)


o  For five years I was responsible for the writing and production of UNICEF´s strategic brochures, the yearly     campaign information for different target groups, information for the major donors, speeches for the CEO,     briefings for ambassadors, leaflets and so on. (2002-2007)

o  I manage, write, edit and conduct the production of internet sites, speeches, (strategic) brochures, leaflets,     books, (annual) reports, expositions, internal and external magazines, brochures for community-awareness etc.     for amongst others the Dutch Minister of Development Coordination, Mrs. Van Ardenne. For the CEO of the     Rotterdam Municipal Port Management, Unilever, all the departments of the Municipality of Rotterdam and their     Directors, the Mayor and Alderman of Rotterdam and an Alderman of Amsterdam. (1988-2011)

o  I am an Author of two novels about Mozambique and Kenya , a children’s book and a fable book. (2000. 2002,     2003, 2010)


o  Dutch: mother tongue. English: fluently. Portuguese: average

Steady jobs

o  1988-1992: International Press Officer, Company Journalist and Communication Advisor of the Rotterdam
Municipal Port Management.

o  1986-1988: Journalist at a Press Agency.

o  1984-1986: Reporter/journalist/mentor for juniors at a regional newspaper.


o  Via my ´Foundation of Scholarships for Students in Africa´ I support the studies of 12 medical students at the     UCM in Beira and secondary school pupils in Nairobi.

o  My husband and me travelled three times from Rotterdam to Cape Town (1991, 1993, 2011) by car and once a     whole year through all countries of South America.(2008)

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